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A Dangerous Substance Alert has been issued by West Berkshire Council

According to information shared by the Council and in turn by Slough Borough Council's Public Health Programme Officer, West Berkshire Council have recently become aware of an incident in West Berks.

The report explains that sweets thought to contain cannabis/spice were purchased by local pupils.

It continues: “One pupil was admitted to hospital as a result of consuming one of the sweets and was observed to be unwell from the effects. The sweets have so far not been tested and we have no information about the drug contained in the sweets. Each sweet was being sold for £5.

“The sweets are brown/green in colour and 1.5x1.0cm in size and thought to contain cannabis/cannaboids.

“This is probably an isolated incident however please be vigilant and watch out for any unusual activity or behaviour.”

Denise Sayles, Senior Programme Officer at West Berkshire Council, has published a number of possible side effects of the edibles in the document dated May 2019.

They are:

· Increased heart rate

· Nausea and vomiting, feeling unwell

· Psychotic episodes

· Hallucinations

· Paranoia

· Panic attacks

· Impaired motor ability

· Violent or aggressive behaviour

· Possible overdose

Harm reduction advice

· If you are going to use a substance take breaks

· Remember there are different potencies of cannabis-higher levels are more harmful

· Be careful with edibles- Eating substances leads to a slower effect from the drug but the substance stays in your system for longer and if you are experiencing negative effects this means that the effect stays with you for longer

· If you have a severe reaction to cannabis or hallucinations this may be a warning sign of more serious issues

· Everyone is different and responds differently to substances and one person’s reaction to a drug may be different to another person’s experience.

You can view the document on the Slough Family Services website.

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