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A taste of Mio Fiore

With foreign holidays off the menu for many this year, the only taste we will get of Italy or the Mediterranean will be whatever Delia Smith throws at us or Newbury's restaurants can cook up.

Fortunately Newbury does offer quiet a few notable outlets to grab something like that with the likes of Lusso, Lebanese House and Mio Fiore all scoring highly.

And for us it was a spur of the moment trip to Mio Fiore to sample some of their popular treats after a day in the sun watching sport at the very well organised Pub in the Paddock at Newbury Racecourse.

We kicked things off with a garlic bread and cheese. This has to be the lightest garlic bread I had ever tasted and was like eating air with the bread acting like a duck feather down pillow against my lips.

The other starter was a spicy tomato and prawn dish with a side of toasted garlic bread. The tomato had a sparkle from the chilli that set off this perfectly executed dish that had been served by a waiter wearing not just a face mask but also gloves.

Everyone loves a PPE anecdote these days.

And with that we moved on to the main courses - a calzone so full of meat it would have filled my Tupperware box sandwiches for a week and crab linguine that was amazingly fresh.

The crab linguine came from the specials board and featured cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli and a lovely white wine sauce. Meanwhile the calzone was a Mio Fiore staple, filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami and ham.

I had also ordered potatoes to go on the side. The waiter didn't bring them and they didn't appear on the bill either, but given the size of the calzone their none appearance was a rare high point of 2020.

And with that we wrapped up with the most delicious melt in the middle chocolate dessert. It was good that it got itself a before and mid way through picture.

Sure most people have been to Mio Fiore before, but if you haven't we really recommend this fantastic Newbury independent.

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