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Back and open for business

It was October when we published our last story and since then it's been rather quiet hasn't it?

Hello - that's me with a Covid cut

So yeh, why are we back? Well, in December I took a couple of holidays and had an unexpected voluntary redundancy thrown my way. It was also the time of the year when we re-new our website address.

Despite loving all of this, without a job it just didn't seem the sensible thing to do spending that cash or tapping away on here when the next pay cheque might have been a few months away and I should have been applying for jobs.

Alas in March I started a new role and have been working at home. Since then I have been buffering the bank account because the bars are shut, and wondering whether or not Mrs NBYReporting would mind me spending my nights trawling planning applications or getting excited about a restaurant opening.

Turns out she didn't. In fact she was quiet encouraging of me spending more time at the Council chambers and doing some digging on the latest goings on. I think secretly she likes me out the house you know.

As of today a new website address has been purchased, we are ready to write, hear your stories and get pounding the streets of Newbury again.

Please use the contact us section and get in touch because we can't do this without you!!


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