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Best ever GCSE results year for West Berkshire

72% of West Berks pupils have achieved at least a score of 4 in English and Maths combined, the standard comparator measure in England. This is 1% above last year's figure.

This increase is mainly due to improvement in Maths attainment. Early indications suggest that West Berkshire pupils' results are well above National performance.

Equally pleasing is the high proportion of pupils gaining 7+ (previous Grade A or above) in English and in Maths. Attainment 8, which compiles the scores across 8 subjects, has also risen.

2018 results do look different to last year, as almost all GCSEs are now graded 9-1. A score of 9 is above the old A* and a 4 represents a grade C. This reinforces the changes that have been made in the curriculum to make GCSEs tougher. There is no coursework and no modules that build up over the 2 years, it is all based on the final exams.

Lynne Doherty, West Berkshire's Executive Member for Education said: "This is a fantastic achievement! Congratulations to all of our pupils, teachers and schools on a brilliant set of results that reflect the hard work in adapting to these tougher new style GCSEs."

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