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Big changes at the Breeze

The Breeze Newbury is to be no-more after its owners announced a major shake up.

Bauer Radio, which owns the Breeze, has decided re-brand the station as Greatest Hits Radio from September.

Greatest Hits Radio will play classic hits from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s alongside regional drive time and networked breakfast shows.

Currently Newbury, Andover and Basingstoke Breeze FM share the same presenters and programming with separate links, news bulletins, station identification and adverts for all three areas. Breakfast and weekday drivetime programming is presented from Basingstoke with networked output from Southampton broadcast during off-peak hours.

Bauer Radio group managing director Dee Ford said: “Audiences love and trust radio. Expanding the Hits Radio brand network will ensure listeners to these acquired stations benefit from multi-platform digital distribution meaning they can continue to broadcast in an increasingly competitive, digital and voice-activated world.

“This ensures the provision of local news and information, traffic and travel as well as access for advertisers to highly valued audiences.”

Originally known as Kick FM, the station began broadcasting full-time on 29 May 2000. Kick FM was bought by Tindle Radio in 2006, and sold again in August 2009 to Andover Sound. In 2009, Kick FM was rebranded as Newbury Sound. In August 2011, both Andover and Newbury stations were sold to Celador Radio.

Chris Hall tweeted us to say: "I volunteered on the pilot license for Kick FM when we dreamed of having a local station. It being swallowed up into a national station was not part of the plan at all!"

Steve Prout added: "It’s all going Beige Radio, generic sounds, same banal presenters when people want some personality with their music. You might as well just knock up and put a Spotify playlist on. Bring back the personalities, by which I mean proper presenters who know their stuff, not “celebs”.

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