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Big day in Newbury

This morning Newbury welcomed back its barbers, hairdressers and stylists after a break.

Queues formed at many of the barbers in Northbrook Street, Bartholomew Street and Park Street as residents finally ditch their covid cuts.

While it's a big day for barbers, it's also a massive milestone for pubs and restaurants across Newbury as they also reopen for the first time.

Many will serve customers for the first time since March.

Among those opening will be the Newbury on Bartholomew Street who posted this message on social media this morning. "So today is the day me and my team can do what we do and enjoy so much. We work in an industry that is very tough and not always forgiving, I wish all other independent businesses the very best of luck today and I hope that today is a day that we can remember as the new independents day for Britain’s independent businesses.

"We rock and just hope that the people of Great Britain supports us the way we all need supporting."

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