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Bottomless brunch at The Newbury

Walking out of The Newbury on a Sunday morning with a belly full of hiccups would normally mean that Saturday night has been a wild one – alas on this occasion it was an 8am alarm clock and the fantastic bottomless brunch.

The popularity of the bottomless brunch has certainly exploded over the last year, bringing together an endless amount of prosecco bubbles and the pick of the breakfast table. And making one of the first forays in to this London institution is The Newbury on Bartholomew Street.

One of the most difficult decisions you have to face when eating here is deciding what gems to pick from the menu. Given that this is an all you can eat affair, as long as you finish the previous plate, you have to plan it carefully. Making sure you don’t over-do the carbs early on or drown in the maple syrup is one of the basics and could easily catch you out.

Hearing the pop from the prosecco bottle was the starting whistle for our two hour window of gluttony, starting off with a good old fashioned bubble and squeak. With a crisp white fried egg sitting on top of a cabbage, potato and carrot combo that was brought together with a light dusting of pepper to bring it all to life.

This being one of the healthiest options on the menu was the perfect start before the calorie counting calculator went in to over-drive and was quickly pushed aside in place of pancakes and a vegetarian breakfast burger. In hindsight the burger wasn’t the best option to have so early in to the brunch. Its filling brioche and hearty tomato, spinach and halloumi ensemble could certainly have been a meal on its own.

Other nibbles to pick on while your sipping the fizzy stuff, include pancakes, waffles, eggy bread and bacon as well as meat lovers burger to complement the vegetarian options.

For £20 per person, quality food, nice prosecco and fantastic staff who are more than happy to oblige with a top up or advice on what to go for next, this is an experience we will certainly be doing again and again.

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