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Brighter Berkshire promoting mental health

One in four people are affected by mental health problems, a fact that has been brought to light by Brighter Berkshire.

Brighter Berkshire is an initiative which evolved through many connected conversations about the growing issues linked with mental health in Berkshire.

In Berkshire, reported suicides for those in contact with mental health services has almost doubled last year from when the number of suicides in April 2013-2014 being was 17 and April 2014-2015 it rose to 29.

One of the best activities that Newbury has plenty of is walking which improves overall well-being, and helps fight depression. Even just being in the outdoors in green natural spaces is beneficial to your mental health.

To see some of the routes around the Town, check out the Visit Newbury website and its maps.

Writing on the Brighter Berkshire website, Newbury's MP, Richard Benyon, said: "Great work has been done by celebrities and those in public life. I hugely admire people like Stephen Fry and Alastair Campbell for their courage in facing up to their own mental health problems and I have seen huge advances in Parliament as some of my colleagues have been open about mental health conditions they face. This in turn, is felt across the 10,000 people who work on the Parliamentary estate.

"The aim of Brighter Berkshire is to bring us together to work to change the culture around mental health – to encourage that ‘big conversation’ and drive it up the agenda not just as far as the statutory agencies are concerned but out there in the community. And also to spread the word about the resources that are available already and to share good practice."

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