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Can Hotcha be the Emperor of Newbury?

New take-away Hotcha has just opened its doors and given it's Chinese New Year we thought it was the perfect opportunity to see if it has what it takes to be the Emperor of Newbury.

Sat under the Travelodge on London Road, Hotcha is a small chain of takeaways that is looking to do what Dominoes did for dough.

Raiding Just Eat to make our order, which has a minimum delivery order of £10 just like if you order directly through Hotcha, we went for the Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Spring Rolls, Egg Fried Rice, Chips and finally Pork Belly with a Chinese marinade.

Arriving just after their delivery time because of a busy opening week, Hotcha were full of apology for their late arrival. This was compelled by the five minute wait while we confirmed with Hotcha HQ on London Road to see if we had paid by card already or not.

Once we finally we ripped open the cardboard boxes that house the food, we were amazed by the smells that hit us. From the gentle ginger tones in the Spring Rolls to the garlic that makes up the Black Bean Sauce.

While the meal ticked all of the boxes and we would definitely be hitting the repeat order button, the one let down was the Pork Belly. Billed as a Hotcha favourite on the menu because of its apparent flavourings of a traditional Chinese marinade, served with pak cho, we were disappointed by the all dryness of the dish and the fact that it could have quite easily have just landed out of the Toby Carvery.

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