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Car park awards for Council

Bosses at West Berkshire Council had reason to celebrate recently after a load of their car parks were scored highly by an award body. 

But while the Council cheered, there were many who responded to the news with less a enthusiastic tone. 

To receive a Park Mark, car parks undergo a rigorous risk assessment by a police assessor who looks at surveillance, prompt repairs, lighting, signage and cleanliness. A British Parking Association (BPA) area manager assesses the management of the car park. If a car park passes, the police award a Park Mark. 

Among the best responses were from Newbury Community Football Group, who said: "Fantastic news and since you evicted our football club the cost has gone down from £2.40 for 1 hour to £1 for 4 hours."

Jon Crofts wrote on Twitter: "£1.50 to park for precisely 12 minutes in the Kennet Centre yesterday, at least Dick Turpin wore a mask."

Our favourite was from Karl Adamson, who said: "Can probably afford to get Hulk Hogan and Anthony Joshua to patrol them for the price of parking."

There was even a little bit of irony on the West Berkshire Council website today and for the last couple of days. 

Meanwhile David Dawson, Area Manager for the BPA, said: "West Berkshire Council should be applauded for maintaining the high standards for safety and reducing the fear of crime in their car parks. In order to achieve the annual Park Mark Award, organisations have to provide an ongoing commitment to ensure their car park facilities continue to meet and exceed the requirements of the scheme. The West Berkshire car park team have more than met this requirement over a number of years and it is impressive to see their professionalism and conscientious approach in how they manage these car parks and they are to be congratulated in that respect."

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