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Care Quality Commission slam Newbury Care Home

The Birchwood Care Home in Newbury has been slammed the Care Quality Commission (CQC) branding it inadequate.

The CQC received intelligence prior to the inspection of concerns relating to the service that required further investigation. Issues were related to poor management, failure to report and respond to concerns, an increase in safeguarding issues, some of which were not reported to the CQC and an increase in the use of agency staff.

Inspectors spoke with the local authority safeguarding team and the quality monitoring team seeking feedback. CQC attended an organisational safeguarding strategy meeting on 22 September 2017 that further highlighted concerns. This meeting included staff from various departments within the local authority, including, reviewing, complaints, safeguarding and quality monitoring.

The service was taken over by West Berkshire County Council on 1st June 2017, prior to which the care was provided by a corporate service provider. Some of the staff were transferred as part of the acquisition; however senior management within the service was lost.

According to the CQC report people were not kept safe. Risk assessments and comprehensive documentation was not in place to ensure people were offered responsive safe care and treatment. Care plans contained minimal information, often leaving out crucial information. For example, one care plan did not document how frequently a person required assistance with personal care. This meant they were at risk of their basic needs not being met and increased the potential of the person's skin being damaged.

The report also said: “Staff did not appropriately record information. Incidents were not reported, and information was not accurately updated in daily records. We noted that one person had sores on both legs, without any dressings. Staff told us that dressings had been removed by the person. No alternative dressing had been applied. Records did not note that the person had sores on legs, what dressing should be applied or how the sores were to be managed.”

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