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CCTV investment for Victoria Park

Newbury Town Council is to consider giving up on the proposed installation of CCTV in Newbury Town Centre, and instead focus of improving the environment around Victoria Park with its own scheme.

The Town Council currently has £12,000 that was previously identified for allocation towards the Town Centre CCTV provision in 2018. Unfortunately, this scheme has been delayed and the funds remain unspent.

Newbury’s Town Councillors are mulling over the decision because over the past six months there has been an increase in acts of vandalism within Victoria Park.

Six semi mature trees have been snapped off close to their bases, standard roses have been pulled out and thrown around the skatepark, pathways, and the bandstand have been subjected to bouts of graffiti, information signs snapped of the gym equipment, bolts removed from the wheelchair swing, fly tipping and a break-in at the kiosk.

At the last update we were given, just “seven of the 12 cameras (were) live in the town centre.”

A decision will be made later this month.

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