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Control Tower cafe to open later this year

After years of decay, it has been revealed that the Greenham Control Tower will re-open later this year as a cafe.

In July last year, Greenham Parish Council members approved a loan of £95,310 up to 17 years for the Control Tower Project. The annual loan repayments for the loan will come to around £6,700 a year and will be repaid from the precept budget. The council have confirmed that the precept will not be increased for the purpose of the loan repayments.

A Facebook post said: "It will fulfill a number of roles, and our aim is to run an attraction which appeals to a wide ranging audience.The facility will be run by Greenham Control Tower Ltd which is a not-for-profit company. We are in the process of applying for registered charity status."

As well as the news about its opening, owners of the site also revealed that they are looking for volunteers in a number of roles. They are:

  • Building guide

  • Volunteer coordinator

  • Research and museum assistant

  • Fundraiser and event organiser

  • Grounds and handyperson

  • Publicity and media assistant

You can learn more about the roles here.

Image: Diamond Geezer Flickr

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