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Council launches online Reading Project to address lockdown learning deficits

West Berkshire Council is providing a special online reading project to address learning deficits caused by the lockdown.

In total, 21 schools have signed up to the £53,000 project which the Council will fund for the next 15 months. The package to accelerate reading progress includes remote access to an online library of 1,000 books.

Councillor Dominic Boeck, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Education said: “All of our schools have made a successful return following lockdown. I’d like to thank parents for getting children back to school and I’m pleased to see that attendance levels are high, at around 95%. All schools are now teaching using their ‘recovery’ curriculum which aims to address any gaps in children’s learning that may have built up during the absence of specific skills teaching.

“The main deficits we’re seeing are in reading and writing. This new project builds on the success of the remote learning plans that worked well for families during lockdown. I’m confident that it will help to provide the necessary boost to bring children back up to speed with this essential learning.”

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