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Council wants to get more Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles on the road

Tomorrow, (8 October) is Clean Air Day and West Berkshire Council is taking action to help boost the number of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) in the district as part of a drive to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The development of a dedicated ULEV Strategy was an action within the Council's Environment Strategy launched earlier this year.

Currently, West Berkshire has around 158,527 residents with just over 1000 owning low emission vehicles. The Government's 2035 Road to Zero policy advocates a ban on the manufacturing and sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles. Therefore, it is vital that people become aware and confident with the use of new travel technology.

Richard Somner, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Transport and Countryside said: “We’re keen to lead by example on ULEVs and to meet our commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, 20 years ahead of the Government target. This may sound like a tall order but we believe it can be done if we all make these kind of changes to the way we travel.

"We’re doing everything we can to encourage and enable the use of ULEVs in West Berkshire. We already have ULEVs representing 15% of our fleet vehicles. We’re looking to increase this over the period of the strategy and reach 100% by 2030 where this relates to cars and light-duty vehicles. By March this year we had installed 36 electric car charging points and are looking to increase that by 50% by March next year. We’re working closely with businesses to build ULEV networks to make more environmentally friendly vehicles as accessible as possible.”

Read West Berkshire's ULEV Strategy at https://info.westberks.gov.uk/ulev

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