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Councillors crack on with Park cafe plans

Councillors in Newbury have said that despite increasing costs, a new cafe in Victoria Park will be built by Spring 2019.

The increase came about because of Environmental Agency build restrictions, with costs of up to £620,000 required to comply.

Cllr Sarah Greenall told us there was a discussion about how they are moving forward with the cafe on Monday night at Newbury Town Hall.

"We are at the moment re-evaluating build costs to see where savings can be made before choosing one of the alternative options.

"All being well we will be going out to tender once all the preliminary work has been completed and our planning application has been accepted.We plan to have a new cafe built by Spring 2019."

Initials plans involved demolishing the existing kiosk and boat shed in Victoria Park, replacing them with a new larger cafe offering indoor and outdoor catering and seating facilities.

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