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Crowds upset after DJs fail to get rudimentals in place

Race-goers at Newbury Racecourse were left disappointed on Saturday after DJs Rudimental failed to perform their full set.

Technical problems hampered the performance on Saturday's Ladies Day, which resulted in the DJ's set being cut short by as much as half an hour.

After booing, many took to social media to vent their anger at the performance in general and at Newbury Racecourse.

DJ Locksmith from Rudimental responded to the complaints. He said: "I did apologise, especially on the third time of technical difficulties. I came back onto stage, explained the situation. However, I understand your frustration and I never like letting our fans down. But it was totally out of my control. I can only apologise on behalf of Newbury."

Speaking to Racing Post, Newbury chief executive Julian Thick said: "He was on stage for an hour and he had technical difficulties towards the end of the set. There had to be two small intermissions and the artist decided, given the technical difficulties, he couldn't go on. He completed a final song and left the stage after an hour.

"We were expecting a 90-minute show and we can understand people's disappointment. We're looking into it with the production company to find out exactly what went wrong and we'll be able to tell our customers more on the next day or so. We appreciate their patience and understanding."

You can learn more about getting a 30% refund from the Racecourse here.

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