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Decent grub and a drink in Newbury

At this time of year our nights would normally be filled with festive joy as we meet family and friends for a drinks.

As we all know nights out with just drinks are a no go, but throw in a scotch egg and you are on to a winner. Here is where you can get some decent grub and some drinks in Newbury.

The Catherine Wheel has introduced a fantastic offer that gets you a pretty decent meal for £2.95. As well as their popular pies, the Cheap Street bar is now also offering a hot dog and chips or burger and chips for just £2.95.

Despite fears the Monument on Northbrook Street wouldn't reopen during the current restrictions, it's just been revealed the pub will be serving pizza as their substantial meal.

A fantastic drinkers menu is available at the King Charles Tavern on Cheap Street. Get yourself some garlic bread for £3.50 or ham and mustard cocktail sausages for £4.00. Other options include a breadbasket with butter and beef burgers.

The Dolphin on Bartholomew Street is well-known for its good food. As well as that they also have a marquee in their garden, which means you can meet people outside of your household.

Document House has the football on the big screen and a wide range of options on their food menu. Duck spring rolls, nachos, pizza and burgers feature on a pretty hefty offering at the Wharf Street pub.

Newly opened the Cross Keys is back open on Monday. The London Road venue will welcome its first customers post lockdown from 5pm.

The Newbury Bartholomew Street is cooking its fantastic food offering again and will be serving the Scotch Egg among other delicious substantial meals.

latest newbury news

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