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Diamond Tap makes the worst hometown club list – again!

The Diamond Tap on Cheap Street has been named as one of the worst hometown clubs once again by a student magazine.

The Tab, which is an online student magazine, listed the clubs and pubs that is considers to be the most tragic clubs in the UK.

It describes the announcement by Wetherspoons of its impending closure on 19 May last year as one of the darkest days in West Berkshire history.

The review on the website states: "You longingly look over to the dancefloor engaging the ever familiar crowd of 18-year-olds dressed up to the nines, boys from Thatcham, and that one middle-aged bloke who dances by the DJ booth like he’s back at his first Fatboy Slim concert. You take a sip of one of four of the VKs you ordered (because there is a high chance by 1am they’ve sold out of the liquid nectar), sigh, and think how much you’re going to miss this place.

"So each time you go there now you go all out, like it might be your last ever DT session. You’ll spend half your night battling your way outside for a fag; you’ll go upstairs for a “civilised drink” and a chat but then run back down as soon as you hear Pitbull; you’ll pretend you’re pleased to see everyone from school, when actually you’re not at all.

"And although you vow never to return, that you’re “too old” or “over” the Diamond Tap, you secretly love this tragic pubclub, and can’t imagine Newbury without it."

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