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Dining at the Newbury

The return of open mic night with a socially distanced twist was the perfect excuse to check out the Newbury for the first time in a while.

Located on Bartholomew Street, the gastro pub has been cooking up sanitiser for much of lockdown, but has now shifted its attention back on the famous Sunday lunch as well as a grazing menu which is what we got to taste.

The grazing menu on our visit featured everything from pan fried lamb's kidney to cheese burger sliders and smoked mackerel pate served with whiskey butter on a caper and tarragon scone.

To begin with we went for bread and butter with just the lightest crunches of salt on the crust. These delicious fresh slices were the perfect starter for what we had ahead with the menu recommending you order two or three plates per person.

Among the dishes we went for were seared scallops with potato and caviar salad. The three scallops were a real bargain at just £5.

We also got to taste a curry beer battered cod with lentil dahl, tumeric mayo and dukka. The light batter sat perfectly with the dahl while the mayo proved to be a nice little refresher from the warmth of the rest of the dish.

With plates arriving quickly, we tucked in to the turkey schnitzel with fried egg and shoe string fries. The generous portion of turkey had a light coating while it retained its moistness alongside a perfect fried egg.

Meanwhile the last of our main courses was a red pepper and brie lasagne. Unfortunately feedback on this one was limited as it was eaten so quickly but we will take that as a positive.

Wrapping things up were two amazing sweet treats. A strawberry and vanilla meringue as well as a lemon tart with raspberry sorbet. Both were equally delicious and proved to be a battle of who had the strongest spoons to see who could eat the most.

With personal details recorded, sanitiser everywhere along with rules on movement around the pub, the Newbury made us feel very safe while serving up their well known top food.

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