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Dinner out at the Spare Wheel

It’s been about four months since the Spare Wheel opened in Newbury Town Centre next door to Pizza Express. To our dismay a trip there on Saturday night was our first visit to the venue since we checked it out on opening night.

The plan was to grab a quick drink there and then venture up to the Thai Golden Horse on Northbrook Street to see if they had any space for us. But after seeing the Golden Horse had 25% off mid-week and the rain getting slightly heavier, well it seemed like the right decision to sit tight at the Spare Wheel.

Although the Spare Wheel has an Oktoberfest menu going on at the minute, we opted for the standard food options. This includes everything from burgers, tacos and quesadilla as well as picnic bowls.

Eying up the plates whizzing past, it was the Spare Signature burger that caught my eye. It’s a burger filled with a free-range pork and cider sausage wheel sat underneath a duck egg. The headline grabbing menu item also features potato rosti, crispy bacon bits and a side of hand cut fries at a cost of £13. The Spare Wheel donates 10% of the profit from this burger to charity each month.

On the other side of the table was a weighty soft-shell taco filled the brim and above with cajun chicken, lettuce, cheese, cucumber and tomato. If the tacos aren’t enough for you, then the dish also includes a side of fries and sour cream. Total for this one was £12.

We decided to have dessert despite the size of the main courses being on the large side. Let’s blame the impact of the dark nights, wet weather and a need for some more comfort food with everything going on in the world.

Feeling more and more slouched with every bite, we struggled through an apple strudel and the delicious chocolate filled churros. Although one or two of the churros might have made an escape for consumption of the premises via a well concealed napkin.

The Spare Wheel is a one-off, a gem and an asset in Newbury which has the potential for big things. We will not be waiting months for our next visit.

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