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Doctor reports seeing a UFO in Newbury

A doctor is claiming that a bright light seen in Newbury earlier this month could be from another planet.

According to UFOstalker.com on Thursday night there was a strange very bright light low in the sky on a slightly cloudy night with nothing else visible.

The report goes on to say was at work being driven by a driver when they spotted an unusually bright white light in the sky whilst leaving west berks community hospital.

And adds: "I'm not sure if it was still there or not as I was chatting to the driver and logging into the work mobile laptop etc., but as we continued up the a4 westerly direction it became very evident and looked quite odd. I have seen Venus before many times, and bright stars but this was quite unlike that as there were no other stars visible as there must have been cloud in the sky and this seemed much brighter than the Venus I've observed this year. And this seemed a lot closer.

"The driver thought it must be a flying vehicle of some sort but there were no blinking lights at all and it wasn't moving. He felt it may be a helicopter just stationary in the air with a search light on. i say this to emphasis that it at least *seemed* within our atmosphere and quite unusually bright for anything outside it. As we drove west along the a4 to our first visit it remained in a fixed position in the sky. However suddenly it seemed to fade then disappear.

"Just as we were commenting how strange this is, it reappeared again. It must have faded like this a couple of times more. We continued observing it down the a4 and it just hung there. We must have been observing it for about 15 mins i guess, or more. Then we got to our visit and after when i came out from the patient I'm not sure it was there anymore. Either that or the shift got so busy we didn't pay any attention."

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