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Drugs found at Vault under-18 night

A small bag of drugs at an under-18s night and allegations that a door supervisor punched a reveller are among a list of incidents that Thames Valley Police have revealed took place at the Vault nightclub.

The list of incidents at the Vault has been made available ahead of a Licensing sub-committee meeting taking place next Tuesday at West Berkshire’s offices.

Police records show that everything from a ‘member of the door team had stated that he would let someone into the club after the 0130 last entry time if they paid him £20 to do it’ to a member of ‘door staff had been bitten by a male' took place at the venue.

Other incidents at an under-18s night at the Kennet Centre night club included two children with a bag of drugs.

The report states: “It was confirmed that no alcohol was allowed to be sold however two children were located inside the premises in possession of small bags of drugs including Cocaine and Ketamine.”

Another Police log said: “Unknown member of staff from Vaults confided in her that it was a known fact that large amounts of drugs were being passed and consumed within the premises.”

A separate log read: “Police were requested to attend for a detained male that had assaulted the manager. However when Police arrived they were informed that the assailant had been let go because the manager had told them he did not want Police at his premises.”

The Vault opened in January 2018 in the unit that had been previously occupied by the Liquid Nightclub.

The last update made by the Vault on their social media channels, said: “HI all watch this space for a new venue upgrade in the next few months yes we are still hear just been bizzy working on the club more details to come over the next few months and the launch of our new facebook page.”

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