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Eating out at the Cross Keys

The Cross Keys on London Road has recently reopened and it is set to become one of the must visit places in Newbury.

Following a major refurbishment, the Cross Keys has gone for gothic vibes with amazing art, stripped back walls and open fire places. It's even got itself a cool little fish tank.

We visited on a Friday night, and after pressing the doorbell to be let in and having our temperatures taken, we quickly took our seats watching the rain drip down the windows with a warm fire crackling away beside us.

The menu comes in a big picture frame and sat by the window, meaning those reading glasses could stay tucked away. It featured a host of old favourites like pizza, burgers, hot dogs and sharing plates.

One thing you have to get used to with this place is the lack of plates. Everything seemed to be served in takeaway cartons.

We got things going with a portion of chicken tenders as a sharer. The chicken was coated in a really light batter and comes with a dipping sauce and in our case it was a garlic mayo. Had there been any left then that would have been straight in the back pocket and coated on some pretzel bread when we got home.

For mains we went for one of the pizza options. This was the mushroom fun-guy pizza and it comes with cilantro, truffle oil and mixed cheese. Other pizza options on the board included spicy sausage as well as full house which has pulled pork, mushrooms, peppers and more on it.

While the pizza looked and tasted good, the Greek lamb pitta from the specials board went even further. The tender pieces of lamb really did melt in the mouth sitting alongside a really soft pitta and fresh salad. It also comes with what the menu describes as a few chips. There were in fact loads.

If you have room, then there are also desserts to pick from. These include ice cream and cookie dough options.

What the Cross Keys lacks in good lighting to take a nice picture of your food, it makes up for in the eagerness of the staff to please, the skills in the kitchen and the safe environment they have created.

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