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Eating out at the Halfway Inn

Saturday night saw us venture over to the other side of the A34 to the recently reopened Halfway Inn on Bath Road.

The Halfway Inn reopened on Tuesday after the new team took over the reins in August. And while a trip this far from Newbury wouldn't normally get a mention on here, we thought given the current climate and risks these guys were taking, it would have been wrong not to use this platform to tell a few people about our experience.

According to the pub's website, The Halfway Inn is run by Nick and Jo Moreton. They both have a proven track record in the hospitality business and share a genuine passion for amazing customer service. It is their aim to provide the customers of The Halfway Inn with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere along with a contemporary venue with twists of quirkiness that serves amazing food and drink.

So was it amazing food?

It was the autumnal pumpkin and cauliflower gyozas that kicked things off for us from the bar snacks menu. Other options on that menu included honey & mustard Windsor pork sausages as well as homemade Pork scratchings & apple chutney.

The gyozas were a perfect light way to get things going and came with our other starter, which was Windsor pig pork belly, peanuts, kohlrabi & apple. The slight salty edge of the pork belly took these to another level and pushed them on to my very rarely updated last supper menu.

So a third of the way through our meal at the Halfway, we were left wondering whether or not this place could keep things going. Incase you don't make it to the end. The answer was yes.

Now before we get on to the main course, after asking what the pie of the day was, of which the answer was partridge and pheasant, I was half expecting a coffee cup size pie to land in front of me with a pastry lid to take up much of the pie.

What I got was not what I was expecting. Think frisby. Think the kind your mum made when you were a kid that would have been shared by the entire family and you would have been grateful.

The pie was something out of this world. Every inch of the dish filled with delicious partridge and pheasant with an array of vegetables both inside it and outside with a side dish made up of kale, mash and peas.

I mean sure for the big pie fans out there, it's just a pastry lid and no bottom, but look at the size of that.

On other side of the table, Bernard Matthews would have been running to the hills at the state of the chicken kiev. With the garlic butter oozing out the kiev on to the potatoes and vegetables below, this was a dish worth the extra 10,000 steps needed to burn off the cals.

So after coming to the realisation that this would be our last meal out before Christmas to give us little bit of hope of staying Covid free before we head back to our homelands to see parents for the festive bubble season, we went all out and had dessert.

And while it might look like the chef got distracted when they were pouring on the sugar, what was underneath was the perfect end to the evening.

The peanut butter brownie was served with a refreshing raspberry sorbet, while the second dessert had a cherry sorbet alongside a black forest cake.

The Halfway Inn surpassed all of our expectations and even merited another booking while we were at the table for the weird gap between Christmas and New Year. I think that sums how good this place is.

Check out their website for more info.

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