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Eating out at the Grill Valley

A new restaurant offering a taste of the Mediterranean has opened on Bartholomew Street.

Dajaja Mashweya

Grill Valley has set up shop in the building that had housed Indigo Bay until recently.

It was by chance that we saw the Grill Valley had opened with just a print-out of the menu in the window the only clue as we walked past.

Without a website, social media or food delivery presence like Just Eat that we could find, it was a case of taking pictures of the menu and ringing in the order.

And boy are we glad we did.

We opted for the mixed grill for one. It featured pieces of moist chicken, lamb and kofta. It also came with huge portion of rice for a pretty reasonable £15.45.

The other dish was a Dajaja Mashweya. It is described on the menu as tender, juicy grilled boneless chicken seasoned with Egyptian herbs and served with salad and rice. A small number of chips had also found a way into the box as well. All that for a bargain price of £12.25. (Picture at the top).

Because of the unexpected chips making an appearance, we had also ordered a small box of spiced potatoes and this brought the total price of the meal to £32.20 with free delivery.

Other treats thrown in the mix for free included homemade flat bread, three pieces of falafel humous, chilli sauce and tahini.

Had we been allowed visitors in the house, this meal could be probably stretched to feed a third adult or two kids.

You can call 01635 33999 to place an order.

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