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Elephant at the Market

While the wait goes on for some, for others in Newbury a rainy Saturday evening heralded the first trip to the pub for months.

The whole visiting a pub and restaurant certainly felt very different, but it felt different in a good way and perhaps controversially it felt safer than going to the supermarket given every single person was accounted for and that every movement seemed to be monitored.

Well that was the situation in the Elephant at the Market at least where we spent Saturday night.

Having inputted all of my NHS track and trace information online when I made the reservation, we rocked up to the Elephant at the Market and waited our turn to be seated standing on a floor marker. While loitering, we picked up a menu, gave our hands a quick clean using a dispenser that was operated by foot and checked over some new rules and regulations for the place.

What was interesting about the new experience was keeping the menu for the whole sitting instead of handing it back after making your choices. That menu featured a host of options, including steak, curried cauliflower burger, fish and chips.

We opted for a half pizza half salad option that still proved to be a filling option. The crispy sourdough margherita pizza featured a rich tomato sauce, marinated buffalo Mozzarella and a couple of extra chillies thrown on.

The other main course was a lemon and thyme roasted chicken breast with marinated mozzarella, roasted carrots, sautéed new potatoes, crispy prosciutto and gravy. The saltiness from the prosciutto was the perfect partner for the chicken and the light coating of mozzarella added another element to the dish.

Having skipped starters, we still had enough room in our waistlines to have a dessert. Interestingly there were just two choices, so it felt right to pick both.

The baked lemon curd cheesecake had just the right amount of tang that meant awkward shivers were kept to a minimum. While the gooey chocolate brownie was just that. It was also laced in a caramel sauce with a cheeky couple of honeycomb pieces on top.

Having been closed for several months, the Elephant at the Market made a safe and confident return to the restaurant scene in Newbury.

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