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Employee cons Vodafone out of more than £200,000

A former Vodafone employee who was based in Newbury has dialled up a three-year jail sentence after conning the company out of more than £200,000 in lost earnings.

Kelli Kilpatrick was sentenced at Reading Crown Court after it heard that the 30-year-old would place orders for a phone and then flog them on e-bay to pocket the cash.

William Eaglestone, Prosecuting, said: "The number of phones that Vodafone say were taken without their consent in the name of the Apple account was 528.

"If the clients wanted the handsets, they could have those delivered to them personally and that is when Vodafone became suspicious.

"From all of the analysis, the total cost to Vodafone is thought to be £239,000. This was the amount Vodafone had to pay manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung for the devices.

"That was therefore the loss suffered by Vodafone from these orders."

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