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Food review: Teashop by the canal

The Teashop by the Canal is a small family-run business set in a grade II listed building that is supported by the Canal Trust on the edge of the Kennet Canal.

Ranked as the second best coffee shop in Newbury according to Trip Advisor behind the Flower Pot Café in Inches Yard, the Teashop by the Canal offers a warmth and atmosphere that is akin to stepping into your grandma's pantry.

With the smell of bacon fat smell hitting you as soon as you stepped through the front door for breakfast service, the windows all steamed up and dainty crockery adorning the shelves, it brought back memories of those early morning trips to see the grandparents.

Reminiscing to those younger days when the highlight was being offered a second packet of No Frills ready salted crisps definitely brought a smile to the face of a new Newbury resident catapulted to the Thames Valley from the more sedate surroundings of Newcastle.

With the Teashop teetering between those early morning worms and those looking for brunch later in the day when I arrived, the place was awash with hungry stomachs and clinking tea cups.

Breakfast at this place comes in the shape of the traditional eggs, bacon and sausage affair as well as eggs benedict or the maple syrup and bacon pancakes among other things.

Although you could argue that there is very little that could go wrong with pancakes with a dash of syrup and bacon lobbed on the side you could be very surprised at what the Teashop by the Canal threw my way for £6.55.

While the pancake itself was a light affair that could have easily been imported straight from the mountains of Calgary, it was the bit of the dish that is probably the hardest bit to get wrong. Or simply the team at the Teashop just couldn’t muster up the energy to cook up food to order.

The bacon on the pancakes could have been used to pick a lock with its crunchy and 'sat under the hot plate' plastic bacon meant that just a small corner of it could be eaten. All of this left a sour taste in my mouth and made me relieved that I hadn't gone for the full english breakfast and the wonder at what would be fresh and what would be sat waiting and waiting like the science geeks had to during the school football team squad choices.

Leaving the Teashop it was with a whiff of fried food on my clothes and disappointment not just for myself but for the family coming in to get food with the same excitement that I had a mere 20 minutes earlier.

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