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Free burgers and discounts for National Burger Day

It’s National Burger Day so a load of eateries are going all out to get the punters munching on the patties!

Like coffee shops, Newbury has quite a few burger restaurants, so with one-offs like the Corn Exchange and Rios to more mainstream outlets like GBK and 7Bone, there are plenty of options.

To celebrate National Burger Day, 7Bone is giving away *20 x Classic Cheese Burgers* at each of their restaurants to the first 20 customers who pop in and answer the question ‘What day is burger day?’ correctly in an Aussie accent.

Today the Dolphin on Bartholomew Street is offering 25% off all of their burgers and for today only is whipping up a vegetarian option. You have to say you saw the offer on social media to get the discount though.

GBK is knocking off 20% off their burgers. You have to log on to the office National Burger Day website to get it mind so don’t just rock up. Go to https://www.nationalburgerday.co.uk/

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