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Fun at the farm at Henwick

A windy walk took us to the much talked about Henwick Manor today.

The Manor has been a hot topic on social media this week as more and more people find out about this hidden gem.

Featuring small pigs, sheep and a few calves, the Manor is a lovely pit stop on a walk near Henwick.

Parking at the old garden centre we initially walked towards the driving range but hit a dead end. We then walked up towards the nursery and again hit a dead end.

Eventually after walking up Tull Way we saw the entrance to the Manor and the drive way up to the farm.

There are other ways through the fields and along the public footpaths behind Tigers Nursery and along Manor Lane.

As well as feed for the animals, you can also get your hands on some hand made cakes along with ice lollies, juice and hot drinks.

There is a bit more information on the Facebook page.

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