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Fun fair lands in Victoria Park

A children's fun fair has opened in Victoria Park until mid-August, prompting a number to question the timing giving the current Covid epidemic.

The Hebborns Fun Fair is located next to the water park and is there from today until Sunday 16 August.

The decision to allow the fair to take place within Victoria Park was made by Newbury Town Council.

Responding to our questions, David Ingram, Community Services Manager, said: "In accordance with current Government Regulations, they have provided a very comprehensive Risk Assessment detailing how the Funfair will operate in compliance with the COVID-19 risk of ‘spread of virus’ recommendations and have followed the Guide set out by the Association of  Independent Showmen.

"We have received confirmation of current substantial Public Liability Insurance Cover and being a known and well respected operator that has held their small children’s Funfair in the Park for the past few years, the Town Council are satisfied, as far as it is practical, that all precautions are being taken by them to ensure a safe and fun environment for children to enjoy.

"The Town Council does not feel that it should at this point refuse the Operators the ability to carry out their Trade.

"As the provider of the Funfair, it is Hebborns responsibility to provide and manage the Fair in accordance with the current Regulations.

"The operation is monitored on a continual basis by the Town Council and should there be any breach in the management routine or a change in the Government Regulations, the permission will be immediately reviewed."

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