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Good disposable incomes in Newbury

Newbury has been ranked as being one of the top 40 towns in the country when it comes to disposable income.

According to Retail Week who reported on the figures from location data specialist CACI, Wokingham, Farnham, Twickenham, Sevenoaks and Camberley lead the way when it comes to the average discretionary income households have to spend on retail and leisure.

The Berkshire town of Wokingham has an average disposable income per household of more than £28,000.

Meanwhile further east in Newbury, residents have the 33rd highest level in the country with a figure of more than £22,000.

The total for Newbury is just under £500 more than those living in Reading.

CACI associate partner Alex McCulloch says: “Retailers are increasingly recognising that, particularly across London and the Southeast, you have ever-increasing housing costs, transport costs and costs of living coming into play.

“Increasingly, just looking at someone’s affluence just isn’t enough to understand what their actual spend potential is.”

According to CACI, they examined the income and outgoings for 1.5 million postcodes across the UK.

To calculate disposable income, it stripped out the amount households spent on tax, national insurance, housing costs, travel to work and also assumed a minimum spend on basic food and clothing.

The amount that was left was classed as disposable income that “retailers are fighting over.”

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