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Hive to be Queen Bee of Newbury's nightlife economy

The team working at Newbury's newest nightclub are set to invest £500,000 and host big name celebrities when it opens.

Chris Godwin, who had previously DJ'd at Kukui nightclub, is part of a group set to breathe new life in to Newbury's night time economy with a major investment at the Hive within the Kennet Centre.

Significant money is being pumped in to the Market Street venue, which Chris says you need to do to give people a reason to go out.

"You can't just open a nightclub and hope for the best. We are looking at doing something special. We are coming in big and ready to be a pillar of the community.

"There is some serious money going in to the venue with £500,000 being invested as part of the build-out. You can tell that it's not just going to be a splash of paint."

Chris explained that several big name celebrities are lined up for his venue and that he believes having such a big nightclub will work in their favour.

He said: "There is no where as big as the Hive in Newbury across our two rooms. Having that space, and other precautions in place, will enable us to be very much Covid secure."

Asked about all the money being spent on the venue, Chris was confident it would be a few years before they are "pushed out" as part of the proposed Kennet Centre redevelopment.

As well as the Hive in Newbury, Chris and his team working on reopening a number of other venues in the South. This includes Cheltenham as well as Gillingham.

No official date has been revealed for when the venue will officially open, but you can keep tabs on the Hive via their Facebook page.

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