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Hog and Hedge opens

Hog and Hedge has opened today in Newbury on Northbrook Street.

The new eaterie transports you from Berkshire to a South West farmhouse in just one step, heralding a complete transformation of the former Game store. 

There are a wide variety of eating options here that are a slight detour from the high street standard. This includes halloumi salads among other things and one pot dishes of chilli, casserole and shepherd's pie.

Given the early start, I rewarded myself with a Hog and Hedge breakfast. It includes options for either scrambled or poached egg and white or granary toast for £8.50.

The breakfast, among many things, features two impressively sized sausages that have bags of flavour. It's a treat to see a restaurant not pinching on the quality of their food for the sake of a few pound and I think the price does this breakfast justice.

The fry up police would score this one highly.

Spread over two floors, Hog and Hedge is going to do well. Especially so with the parent and kid groups because of the kid friendly atmosphere.

We will be returning to sample their lunch options another time.

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