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Hog & Hedge to host coffee tasting evening with champion barista

Hog & Hedge on Northbrook Street, Newbury is holding a Coffee Tasting Evening on Wednesday 3rd July 2019.  The event will be hosted by Josh Clarke, UK Cup Tasting Champion from Clifton Coffee Roasters.

Similar to wine tasting, coffee aficionados will learn how to taste the flavours and analyse the aromas of the bean and look at the complexities of producing coffee in order to prepare the perfect drink. 

Rupert Burnell-Nugent, owner, Hog & Hedge says: “We’re all about the coffee here at Hog & Hedge and are looking forward to sharing our passion with other coffee lovers.  At our coffee tasting evening we’ll be taking guests on a journey starting in the rugged, rolling hills of Brazil where our beans are grown.  We’ll then look at how they are hand roasted to our signature taste, all under the expert tuition of Josh Clarke.”

The coffee tasting evening will take place on Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 6-8pm.  Tickets cost £20 and can be booked online at https://hogandhedge.eventbrite.co.uk

Josh Clarke, Clifton Coffee says: “We’ll be undertaking a session based on understanding coffee and the processes that go into getting it from crop to cup.  Along the way highlighting the journey that the coffee makes across the world.”

Rupert Burnell-Nugent and James Pollock

The family-friendly café, opened by Rupert Burnell-Nugent and James Pollock in October last year, offers a healthy alternative to other high street brands and fast food outlets by serving freshly prepared food and speciality coffee, all made on site every day using the very best locally sourced ingredients.

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