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Holiday cancellations and pubs closing force taxi drivers off the road

Sixty taxi drivers have handed back their licences in West Berkshire in just nine months.

The shocking stats give us a peek into the difficulties being faced by taxi drivers since the start of the year up until September and more could quit.

According to documents to be discussed next week at West Berkshire Council, without significant recovery it is likely many more drivers and vehicles licences will not be renewed in due course.

The report to West Berkshire Council’s Licence Committee states they have seen reductions in the taxi and private hire trade whose revenue is intrinsically linked to the hospitality and business sectors as well as airport and holiday fares.

It then goes on to say: “There are then also potential implications for recent regulatory changes such as the 10pm curfew on licenced premises, hotels and takeaways followed by the move to national restrictions and the closure of hospitality, gambling, entertainment and other sectors at the beginning of December.

“This again with the continued restrictions of foreign travel and requirement to work at home where possible will impact the taxi and private hire trade yet further. At the time of writing there is no indication as to what restrictions may follow the end of national restrictions in early December.”

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