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House price to salary ratio in Newbury

Newbury has a house price to salary ratio higher than some of the biggest cities in the UK and is on par with places like Bath and Winchester.

According to Lee Fenn-Tripp from estate agency, Downer & Co, the average house price in Newbury is 9.86 times the average annual Newbury salary with the average across the UK at just 7.2.

The stats show that housing prices have reached the same level they did during the post-recession peak.

Newbury’s high house price to salary ratio puts its well ahead of highly desirable areas such as York, Salisbury, Bristol as well as Southampton reported thisismoney.co.uk.

Unaffordable areas peaking head of Newbury include Oxford (11.5), Cambridge (10.5) and Greater London (10.2). Meanwhile just head of Newbury are Bath (10.1) and Winchester (10).

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