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Hundreds join shut down Parliament protest 

It was estimated there were 300 people in Newbury Town Centre this lunchtime protesting attempts to shut down Parliament.

One of the organisers, Cllr Steve Masters, said the last three years have been quite the journey.

Speaking at the clock tower, he added: "On this no deal Brexit we are heading towards austerity plus. They will say no money for this and no money for that."

Lee Dillon from Lib Dems said that we need a parlimanet that is open for business and discusses matters of the day. There will not be a more important debate than this. This is just tactics and games from an Eton school boy playing politics.

The protest moved from the Market Place to the clock tower via the Parkway and Richard Benyon MP's office.

Tony Vickers who represents Wash Common spoke about we are more divided in this country than ever in his lifetime. "This country is in a real mess. Defending democracy is more important than staying in the EU."

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