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Italian magic at Lusso

The special thing about Lusso is the excitement that every pizza and ice cream coming out the kitchen manages to conjure up among the customers. Eyes from every corner of this Weavers Walk establishment look up eagerly from their conversations and menus to see what magic has been cooked up.

Lusso opened in the summer and is the slightly bigger brother of the famous blue gelARTo truck outside WH Smith in Northbrook Street.

Having tried to get a seat in Lusso previously on a busy Friday night and failing because of the popularity of this place, we were determined to make it work this time and sample what has become one of Newbury's must visit restaurants.

Despite this excitement, the one thing had always been in the back of my mind when seeing pictures of Lusso was that the pizza crust was going to be really crispy. You know the type that offers more crunch than the chew. But within minutes of placing our order and seeing our pesto bread with salsa starter land in front of us, I knew that that doubt was just the photo not doing justice to this Italian delight.

The pesto bread was the perfect sharing starter and set the bar for the rest of the food that has given Lusso the reputation it deserves so early in its life. Other options include meat, fish and vegetarian antipastis as well as olives.

Moving on to the main courses, we opted for the meat feast pizza and margherita with a couple of extras. What came out of the ovens was a masterpiece in Italian cooking. The simple ingredients that sat perfectly on top of the sourdough base were as dynamic a partnership as the brother and sister dream team who run this place.

With my stomach getting closer and closer to the table with every bite I knew that this pizza was going to defeat me just one slice from a clean plate.

This non-pretentious gem in the heart of Newbury is a wonderful independent restaurant that the town has to get behind and shout and share about, but not so loud that we can never get a table again!!

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