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Kennet Centre to reach 11 storeys in height

It has been revealed that the proposed new-look Kennet Centre will reach a height of 11 storeys.

The news that the redeveloped site will have 11 storeys within it was discussed at a meeting with Councillors on Newbury Town Council's Planning and Highways Committee this evening.

Responding to a question about the height that a number of Councillors had initially thought was eight storeys, James Croucher who works for the developer, Lochailort, advised that Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments will be undertaken to assess what impact the building will have from various viewpoints within the Town.

As well as insight in to the height of the building, it was hinted that West Berkshire Council could occupy the office space within the redeveloped site. It was also revealed that there will be one parking space for every four flats. There will be approximately 400 homes.

According James Croucher, there have been 380 visitors to the Eagle Quarter website and that 80 people filled in feedback forms during the recent two-week event with noticeboards within the Kennet Centre.

It is expected that a planning application will be submitted in six weeks.

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