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Latest in fair trouble crackdown

A Section 60 order that was put in place on Wednesday (16/10) and Thursday (17/10) has been authorised and renewed today (18/10).

The order started this afternoon at 2pm (18/10) and will be in place until 2am on Saturday (19/10) covering Newbury town centre, Victoria Park, Northcroft Park and Goldwell Park.. 

A Section 60 order allows officers greater powers to stop and search people for items connected with violence, in a defined location.

This has been put in place following engagement with local schools, partners and parents in regards to rumours circulating about the potential for planned fights at the Michaelmas Fair. Police say they are taking these threats seriously and officers are continuing to make a number of enquiries into the credibility of these rumours.

Whilst the Section 60 order has been in place Police have conducted 37 stop searches, four knives have been recovered, two arrests made and one individual referred to the Youth Offending Team for intervention support.

Police say they continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the fair remains a safe event and the local community should be reassured rather than alarmed by the increased police presence.

Adding: "We are encouraged that residents have contacted us, and we will continue to listen to local concerns, and act accordingly to keep Newbury a safe place to enjoy local events.

"Please feel free to speak to officers out and about with concerns that you may have, as they are there to reassure as well as keep the streets safe."

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