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Lunch at the Lock Stock

The reopening of the Lock Stock in Newbury is a big deal. Not only mean does it mean we are taking another small step towards the new normal, but it also showed that a major chain had confidence in the Town. In this case Fullers.

For me seeing another picture of the Town from the tow path on Instagram with the outside seating area empty and hearing no buzz or clink of glasses on a sunny day as I walked nearby was an understandable but difficult pill to swallow.

Having reopened a few days earlier, we took the opportunity to check out the place on Saturday when the sun was shining and a spot by the canal had our name on it.

So walking through the door we cleaned our hands and shared data ready for track and trace. We were then passed to another colleague who guided us to our table and told us about the new rules and regulations.

Sitting watching the nautical traffic we skipped starters and went straight for the main course. First up was a sizable fish finger sandwich with chips that dreams are made of. The chunky fish fingers were covered in a light batter and served on a bloomer slice.

Meanwhile the sizable buttermilk chicken burger came with a fresh bun and a really smoky bacon jam. It also featured a fresh salad and chips. Sometimes you look at the chicken in a burger and question when was the last time it had seen a piece of meat, but this full breast of chicken was moist and really flavorsome.

It was at that moment you have playful chat about whether or not to have a dessert. The ‘will they wont they’ looks to each other and the thoughts that ice cream in the freezer at home isn’t quiet the same and even if you do have something nice tucked away, there are the dishes to clean up afterwards.

And it was because of that we opted for a Vintage Ale sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce. Perhaps not the best choice for a hot day, but this was a fantastic dish that could easily have doubled or trebled in size, and I still would have eaten it and more.

The chocolate brownie proved just as popular as spoons jostled like a medieval joust fighting for the leftovers.

Leaving from the side entrance on Northcroft Lane we were happy to see the pub back open with new rules and one way systems, but the same atmosphere.

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