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Lunch at the Oxford Street Kitchen 

Landing in our post box this week was a menu for the Oxford Street Kitchen, somewhere we hadn't been since it opened.

Obviously the marketers got it spot on with their campaign, because two days later we were there with the menu in one hand and a nice cold drink in the other.

It was Saturday lunchtime when we arrived. Apart from another couple waiting for their bedroom to become available and a group of girls having a get together, the place was very quiet.

Even the TV was hush hush on mute.

We opted for the spatchcock chicken with chips. The dish featured a mushroom and tomato along with beautiful garlic and citrus flavoured chicken. The chips were more than plentiful.

That dish was £16.

For me though, a slightly larger chicken or even a salad thrown on there to fill the plate would have been nice for what we paid.

Meanwhile my BLT was pretty much spot on at £8.95. It had really nice salty bacon, on lightly toasted brown bread with lettuce and tomato with a garlic and truffle mayo.

The towering sandwich was both a crowd and stomach pleaser.

The Oxford Street Kitchen is offering 30% off if you book in advance using the code above.

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