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Man approaches girl near Newbury saying he was policeman

Thames Valley Police is appealing for witnesses following an incident near Newbury.

Yesterday at around 3.45pm a nine-year-old girl was on a family walk along an unnamed road in Hermitage that joins Slanting Hill to Marlston Road.

She was walking around fifty to one hundred meters behind her family when a small blue hatchback being driven by a man has passed the family and pulled up next to the girl. The male has then got out of the vehicle and spoken to the girl. He has expressed concerns that the girl is not with her family and offered to take her back to them. He has then identified himself as a police officer.

The father of the family has seen this and called to his daughter to come back before moving towards her and the car. The driver has then got back in his car and driven off at a normal speed.

The vehicle was a small hatchback, believed to be a Mazda in baby blue.

Investigating Officer, Det Sgt Richard Vint, based at Reading, said: “We are keeping an open mind in relation to this incident.

“We are appealing to the driver of the baby blue Mazda to come forward to assist us with our enquiries.

“We are also making enquiries internally and with other forces to trace the driver.

“We would also ask anyone with any information to contact us on 101 quoting reference URN 1116 11/3. Officers will be in the area to provide reassurance, if anyone has any concerns we would ask them to speak to one of our officers or call 101.”

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