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Meet new people in Newbury

The New Year is always a good time to think about a fresh start, and perhaps one of those is making new friends.

With lots of people sticking a ring on their finger or concentrating on their career it can be difficult to do at times.

Several groups have sprung up in Newbury with the sole intention of getting people together to make new friends.

One of the newest groups that aims to get people chatting and trying out nights out, camping trips and picnics, is MovedtoNewbury.com .

Johnny Hndri who organisers all of the events said on his blog: "Over the past year or so we have created a variety of fantastic events in and around the Newbury area. We have hosted bowling evenings, coffee mornings, given local DJs the opportunity to perform at nightclubs, been camping and go karting, visited waterparks, been on a car treasure hunt, hosted games and picnics in the park during the summer, taken part in pub quizzes, the list really does go on and on!"

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