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MP says train station needs a tidy up

Richard Benyon believes that Newbury Train Station does not give visitors a good impression of the town.

The MP is looking for both GWR and Network Rail to up their game when comes to the appearance of the station.

Last year Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership earmarked funds for the multi-million pound revamp of the station, which will see improved connections for pedestrians, cyclists and those using public transport, with office space also planned.

The improvements would also “complement” the  Market Street development which will see 232 homes built on land between the station and Market Street. 

Richard Benyon, said: "I am putting pressure on Network Rail and GWR to smarten up Newbury Station. The amount of litter, overgrown vegetation blocking the pavements and poor signage does not present a good impression to visitors to our town and it is time both companies stopped passing the buck and got on with the job. Watch this space and if you feel as strongly as I do then please make your views known to Network Rail and to GWR." 

latest newbury news

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