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New cafe proposals for Victoria Park unveiled

Plans have been submitted for a new café within Victoria Park.

The planning application for the new café is the latest in a number of attempts by Newbury Town Council to replace the existing kiosk facility.

Eighteen months ago Newbury Town Councillors were forced to rethink the options for a new cafe after it was revealed that due to Environmental Agency build restrictions the Council was unable to progress with the original design.

According to Town Council documents at the time, considerable increases in construction costs of up to £620,000 were required to comply with the restrictions.

In new documents submitted to West Berkshire Council the architect behind the scheme, Michael Pagliaroli, says: “The current café and storage buildings have remained somewhat of an eyesore within the Victoria Park setting for many years. This replacement building seeks to create an attractive venue that will serve and increase the popularity of Victoria Park for visitors and users of the facilities.”

Michael adds: “The café will replace the current outdated facility with an airy internal space as well as an external covered area facing east towards the play area. The kitchen and servery will be significantly improved with modern equipment and counters to meet the necessary hygiene requirements.

“Although the footprint of the building will slightly be larger than the existing café it will still be in a similar location with the Park Way shopping centre as the main back drop, as well as the existing avenue of trees when viewed from the A339. When viewed from Park Way it will be screened by the avenue of trees, bowls clubhouse and railings.”

The café will be open for hot food takeaways between 8am and 10pm every day.

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