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New pizza shack opens 

A new pizza shack has opened in the gardens of the Blackbird in Bagnor.

With beach vibes and cocktails on offer alongside a selection of freshly made pizzas, Pizza Paloma is a world away from the Michelin star of its neighbour.

The new venture serves up five different pizzas and a couple of snack options. The pizzas are margarita, pepperoni, fiorentina, capriccosa and tartufo.

The margarita pizzas were perfect in the heat of the June sunshine, with plenty of cheese, a chewy base and fresh basil sitting neatly on top. For under a tenner it certainly wasn't a rip off.

As well as pizza, the shack also stirs up a couple of cocktail options to enjoy on the benches by the main road and also in the massive garden area this place is lucky to have.

When we get another hot day, then I'm sure we will be back.

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