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Newbury Drunken Knitwits every Wednesday

A new Meet Up group seems to have sewn together the perfect combo with a drinking and knitting club. 

The Drunken Knitwits is a social knitting/crochet group originally founded in Oxford by Janey Messina in 2012. It now meets every Wednesday in Newbury at a different pub. 

The idea is you bring along a yarny project, order a pint, and meet some knitwits!

According to their website, they re knit-aholics. "Sip by sip and stitch by stitch, we continue to pursue drunken, hand-cramping knit-thood, whereby all Knitwits have the holy grail of drunken knitting to show off to our friends: a hand-crafted item whose place, time, and method of construction cannot entirely be recalled. If you want to follow us on our path, we can show you the way..."

You can learn more about their goings on via their website.

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